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New egg supply and supporting local businesses.

Updated: May 8

I have always wanted to try and support other local businesses through my business. I am certainly not angelic when it comes to this statement - Amazon Prime has come to my rescue on a number of occasions when I have panicked and not ordered something in time. Anyway...don't they say it's all about progress and not perfection!? And this is a mantra I can definitely get on board with.

The ingredients I use in my products is very important to me. Growing up on a farm has instilled this interest in me. I find it fascinating to see how a food is grown or reared. And I have had the great pleasure of seeing some of the very best ingredients the UK has to offer in the kitchens I have worked in in the past. So I knew when I started my business I wanted to try and find my own local suppliers for some of my ingredients so that I could see where they came from and how they are produced.

Obviously as a cake maker I use a lot of eggs! So this was one ingredient I was keen on sourcing locally. Last year I had a market stall at the Wilde Farm Market in Ponteland and it was here that I met the farmers Kim and Dave who run Wilde Farm in Ponteland. On their farm they have a lovely collection of happy hens. And so a couple of weeks ago I went to visit the farm and meet the hens! Dave gave me a tour of the farm and showed me all the different types of hens they rear. It was really great to see where my eggs will be coming from.

Wilde Farm also rear rare breed animals and produce fruit and vegetables according to organic principles. Restaurants in the area such as Restaurant Pine (who recently won a Michelin Star!) use their fabulous produce!

I will keep you posted as I add other locally sourced ingredients to my list... and if you are reading this and know of a great supplier I should try...please do let me know!


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