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New ONLINE cake shop!

Updated: May 8

Today I am very excited to share with you details about my NEW ONLINE CAKE SHOP which will be OPENING on Saturday 25th June!

For a while now I wanted to be able to sell my cakes online. With limited computer know how I needed to choose the right platform which I would understand.

Luckily, earlier in the year I 'met' (initially on Instagram!) a super lady named Racheal Straughan who was setting up a new online marketplace called Mayfli. I arranged to chat with her on the phone and immediately I loved her energy and enthusiasm for what she was creating. Racheal has many years of business experience selling online; but always felt the selling platforms she used were lacking something. So she decided to create her own online marketplace and this is when Mayfli was born.

Two reasons why I LOVE what Racheal has created:

Great products and community

Mayfli is an online marketplace with some fabulous products from all around the UK. It is lovely to be part of a community of sellers rather than a stand alone web shop. It is a great site for a virtual 'wander around the shops'. Just remember to pop a cake in your basket when you start to flag...

Easy to use for seller's

Mayfli have a series of videos online to talk you through how to put your products on their site and to help create your pages to look unique to your brand. The videos were perfect for me to understand and if it all went pear shaped I could call Racheal and ask for her advice.

Now I am pleased to say that my shop will be going live from Saturday 25th June.

I have chosen my most popular cake flavours to grace the 'shelves' to launch my shop and overtime I will be gradually adding more products. All the cakes can be delivered in the North East of England and can also be personalised with a message of your choice.

Here is the link to the main Mayfli Marketplace and to Catherine's Cake House Mayfli shop.

Happy browsing!


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