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Pancake Recipe for Tuesday 1st March!

Updated: May 8

As Pancake Tuesday approaches I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to share with you my FAVOURITE pancake recipe! Plus because today is could just start early and go all in for a Pancake Weekend.

My recipe is for a fluffy thick pancake (rather than a thin style crepe). I grew up knowing these as Scotch Pancakes or Dropped Scones (so called because you drop the thick batter into a hot pan). Now I feel menus call them American style pancakes but I still think "its a dropped scone!". There are lots of variations and methods for making this thick style pancake...adding buttermilk or whisking the egg whites first...but mine is just really plain and simple and comes from my extremely sticky with cake mixture old faithful Be-Ro Book. And when I want big fat pancakes in a hurry with minimal fuss and ingredients...this recipe is perfect.

So without further is the recipe.

A few hints and tips first:

This recipe should make 8 pancakes around the size of a roll of sellotape. You can absolutely make them wider! However, they do rise quite a bit so what may look like a normal pancake at the start of cooking expands into a chunky wedge quite quickly so maybe start off modestly.

If you don't use all the mixture straight away...either keep it in the fridge and use it within 2-3 days of making it OR cook all the pancakes, allow them to cool, wrap them in cling and freeze them. They will defrost nicely and with a magical whizz in the microwave you have a warm emergency pancake ready in seconds.

Simple fuss free Be-Ro Book Dropped Scones AKA excellent fluffy pancakes


200g self raising flour

Pinch of salt

100g caster sugar

2 eggs

8 tbsp milk

Oil for brushing the pan

Pancake toppings...time to get creative...anything you fancy! These are particularly good warm with some salted butter spread on top and a smidge of golden syrup.




Wooden Spoon




Frying pan or crepe pan

Pastry brush (heat proof silicone is best so it does not melt in the hot pan)


1. Mix the flour, salt and sugar in a large bowl

2. Add the eggs and milk to make a thick batter.

3. Yes that is actually it. Easy peasy.

4. Take a frying pan or crepe pan and brush it with oil and allow the pan to get nice and hot on the stove top.

5. Sometimes the first pancake is a bit disappointing...don't be disheartened...the pan and the mixture are just getting used to each other.

6. Re-oil the pan. It should be feeling quite hot now. Ladle a dollop of mixture into the hot oiled pan and let it cook until the top is covered in bubbles, then flip it over.

7. Because these pancakes are quite thick they aren't really the flipping sort but you can still have a might just get messy.

8. The pancake cooks in a matter of seconds once it has been flipped, so remove it and pop it in a moderate oven to keep warm while you cook the rest.

9. In a matter of minutes you will have a fabulous stack of fluffy pancakes.

Wishing everyone a super Pancake Tuesday!


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