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Santa's Cookies RECIPE!

Updated: May 8

It's always lovely to leave something out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Growing up, I have fond memories on Christmas morning sneaking down the stairs with slight trepidation... just in case Santa was still there (and secretly hoping HE WAS). I would carefully open the living room door and quickly check 1. Had he left presents? 2. Had he eaten the treats?. The relief of both of these answers being a big YES meant HE DID EXIST (I had crumbs to prove it) and Christmas day was officially beginning. Woohoo, someone had broken into the house, left presents and ate our food. Most days this would not be a reason for celebration.

In my house Santa liked a mince pie and a glass of sherry. Mum was adamant she knew what he liked. I never questioned how she got this very personal information from him, I would just diligently help prepare the treats on Christmas Eve.

Santa's tastes seem to have got more modern in recent years. Milk and cookies are a favourite now! Some also say it is best not to give Santa alcohol as he is trying to ride a sleigh and deliver around the world in one night. Surely a little bit of alcohol might help in this mammoth task! A drop of sherry would certainly help keep him toasty warm flying through the winter night sky.

Whatever treat and tipple you choose to leave out for Santa I would certainly recommend trying these moreish cookies! It is a super simple recipe and children can get involved too!

Enjoy the cookies! And if you don't fancy making them can find them in my online shop below:


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