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Cookie Policy

I believe in being clear and open about how we collect and use data related to you. 


I use cookies and similar technologies such as pixels, local storage and mobile ad IDs (collectively referred to in this policy as “cookies”) to collect and use data as part of our Services, as defined in our Privacy Policy.


What technologies are used?


A cookie is a small file placed onto your device that enables features and functionality. Any browser visiting my site may receive cookies.

  • Cookies: Session cookies last only as long as the session (usually the current visit to a website or a browser session).

  • Pixels - A pixel is a tiny image that may be embedded within web pages and emails, requiring a call (which provides device and visit information) to our servers in order for the pixel to be rendered in those web pages and emails. We use pixels to learn more about your interactions with email content or web content, such as whether you interacted with ads or posts. Pixels can also enable us and third parties to place cookies on your browser.

  • Local storage - Local storage enables a website or application to store information locally on your device(s). Local storage may be used to improve the your experience, for example, by enabling features, remembering your preferences and speeding up site functionality.

  • Other similar technologies - I also use other tracking technologies, such as mobile advertising IDs and tags for similar purposes as described in this Cookie Policy.


What are these technologies used for?
  • Authentication - I use cookies to recognize you when you visit.

  • Security - I use cookies to make your interactions with our Services faster, more secure and to help us detect malicious.

  • Functional - I use cookies to improve your experience on our Services.

  • Personalised Advertising - Cookies help us show you relevant advertising and measure the performance of such ads and report on it. I use cookies to learn whether content has been shown to you or whether someone who was presented with an ad later came back and took an action (e.g. made a purchase).

  • Analytics and research - Cookies help me learn more about how well my website performs in different locations. I use cookies to understand, improve, and research products, features and services, including as you navigate through my site or when you access from other sites, applications or devices. 

Your Choices


You have choices on how I use cookies. Please note that if you limit the ability to use cookies, you may worsen your overall user experience, since it may no longer be as personalised to you. 

Targeted Advertising


You have choices regarding the use of your personal data for targeted advertising. Some mobile device operating systems such as Android and iOS provide the ability to control the use of mobile advertising IDs for ads personalisation. You can learn how to use these controls by visiting the manufacturer’s website for both Android and iOS.

Browser Controls


Most browsers allow you to control cookies through their settings, which may be adapted to reflect your consent to the use of cookies. Further, most browsers also enable you to review and erase cookies. To learn more about browser controls, please consult the documentation that your browser manufacturer provides.

Manage Cookie Preferences

Where required, we enable you to reject the use of certain cookies for purposes such as advertising and analytics and research, via my cookie settings popup, without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on your consent before its withdrawal. 

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